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Cloud360 hyperplatform is a manager of enterprise cloud services that delivers an on-demand service experience for better cloud governance.


Cognizant’s Cloud360 management platform acts as an overlay on private, public and hybrid IT infrastructure components, including legacy assets. Cloud360 provides a single pane of glass to provision, monitor, charge-back, analyze and optimize cloud applications and infrastructures. We call this a hyperplatform.


Provisioning and Orchestration

Cloud360 provides a self-service portal, template-based service catalogs and configurable workflows to accelerate cloud application deployment, reduce errors and empower end-users. With Cloud360, applications can be deployed in minutes instead of weeks, increasing employee productivity and reducing time-to-market.

Monitoring and Auto Remediation

Cloud360 enables intelligent management and superior control across environments. Monitoring profiles keep track of IT resources such as memory, CPU, storage and networks. Issues are resolved automatically based on pre-defined business policies, ensuring higher availability of applications.

Metering and Chargebacks

Cloud360 provides clear visibility into infrastructure resources and how they are consumed by various teams across the enterprise. Pre-defined policies and management rules increase accountability across the organization, ensuring efficient infrastructure use, reducing cost and improving enterprise compliance.

Analytics and Right-sizing

Providing a bird's-eye view across multiple clouds with trending analytics at a granular level, Cloud360 intelligently sizes application environments. This yields higher utilization, lower cost and improved alignment of expense to revenue.

Seamless Integration

Cloud360’s open architecture, APIs and plug-ins seamlessly integrate with existing IT ecosystems. Organizations can leverage best-of-breed technologies across cloud platforms, retain value from earlier IT investments and future-proof against the evolution of cloud platforms.


Cognizant Cloud360 Overview

Cloud360 is a hyperplatform which overlays private, public and hybrid IT infrastructure components, including legacy IT assets. It provides a 360˚ view of IT that users can deploy, configure and remediate and apply policies against within a manual, semi-automated or automated context.

Cloud 360 Microsite

Cloud360 hides the complexity of cloud platforms, hypervisors and operating systems. While typical “cloud platforms” deliver stovepipe IT and increased business challenges, Cloud360 helps you leverage past IT investments, couple governance with agility and provide services on demand.

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