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Cognizant OptimaWrite™

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End-to-end underwriting solution suite that helps drive efficiency, scalability, speed and flexibility to the commercial underwriting process.


Insurers today are grappling with challenges of slow premium growth, reduced profitability and huge competition pressures. Cognizant OptimaWrite™ solution suite brings Commercial & Specialty insurers and their agents together to effectively submit, evaluate, price and quote risks. The suite’s modular and configurable solution components address key carrier challenges and provide a seamless end-to-end underwriting experience. The solution components include:

  • Intake component to automate submission intake (from all document types and formats) and triaging.
  • Price component to allow carriers to onboard and replace spreadsheet raters, models and tools onto a cloud based platform.
  • Quote component that provides UW teams and agents with a workbench to underwrite and quote risks rapidly and accurately.
  • Mobile Risk Engineering Solution to transform the risk survey experience and empower risk engineers to perform effective risk consulting on the field.


Cognizant OptimaWrite™ business solution supports features that can transform commercial underwriting services and deliver critical business benefits:

Roll-out Products Faster and Enter New Markets with Ease:

Shorten development cycles and improve time to market, allowing Commercial & Specialty carriers to rapidly roll-out new product offerings and enter new markets with ease.

Guided Underwriting:

Built-in and configurable underwriting rules and guidelines, analytics backed alerts and data driven insights to aid underwriters to differentiate good risks from bad, drive transparency and price consistently.

Configure and Manage Complex Rating & Pricing:

Onboard excel based raters and models and accelerate speed to market to roll-out and test new pricing models; modify and track existing models to stay ahead of competition.

Automate Data Extraction and Validation:

Lower operation costs and reduce turnaround time while improving quality of submissions for agents and carrier underwriting operation teams.

Anytime, Anywhere Access:

Tablet based access to drive quality, speed, accuracy and productivity in risk consulting operations.

On Premise or Cloud Hosting:

Solution is hosted on premise or in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), or with your preferred private infrastructure deployment option.


Simplifying Configuration of Pricing Algorithms

Streamlining Data Intake for Insurers


Learn more about our suite of solutions:

Transform Your Commercial Underwriting Process

Technology shouldn’t just improve underwriting performance; it should also increase productivity through consistent—and intuitive—tools that span the entire underwriting workflow, from risk assessment to agent engagement.

Configure and Manage Complex Pricing Algorithms

The ability to price a risk quickly, consistently and accurately helps insurers differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Empower Underwriters and Agents to Quote Rapidly and Accurately

OptimaWrite-Quote helps insurers benefit both from process improvements that save money and also enables faster and better ways to generate revenue.

Automate Submission Intake and Triaging

Cognizant’s OptimaWrite-Intake eliminates the cumbersome manual submission process and streamlines the end-to-end submission intake process for insurers.

Streamlining Submission Intake in Commercial Underwriting for Middle Market Segments

Automated data extraction of submission documents combined with manual prequalification by support staff will dramatically improve the quality of data that reaches the underwriter.

Unlocking the Performance Levers of Commercial Underwriting

Equipping underwriters with the right tools can transform the underwriting process and result in significant savings in cost, time and effort.

Cognizant Delivers Submission as a Service for Commercial New Business Submission Intake Process

The combined pressures of a challenging competitive landscape, slow growth in premiums and lower profits mean that insurance businesses need to increasingly consider new ways to improve productivity, enhance revenue growth and guarantee ever-greater customer satisfaction. As a result, there are a number of questions you may be asking yourself about your organization and how it can optimize its activities to prosper in today’s business climate.

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