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Transform your clinical trial operations with proactive performance management that reduces costs, cycle times and risk.


SmartTrials Clinical Performance Management

SmartTrials provides real-time, proactive and regulatory-compliant risk assessment and global trial oversight. With SmartTrials’ automated workflows, alerts, escalations and audit trails, your teams can ensure “actionable outcomes” that lower risk while improving quality and compliance—a key benefit that no traditional clinical management or reporting systems offers.



Powerful and Secure Collaboration

SmartTrials Collaboration Portal leverages the principles of social media with a powerful information platform to streamline communications. The secure, role-based environment is for use by executives, program teams, CROs and investigators. Collaboration and information sharing within and across organizations ensures greater engagement and improved productivity for everyone.

Better Decisions Based on Predictive Analytics

SmartTrials provides state-of-the-art predictive analytics to measure and manage operational performance and risk. Data is automatically captured and logically grouped into intuitive categories along the natural lifecycle of the study, so users can easily monitor progress and make informed decisions within and across portfolios.

Improved Quality and Compliance

Leveraging a library of configurable thresholds and workflows, SmartTrials provides instant notification by automating actions, triggers, tasks and escalations. “Actionable” mitigations improve quality and cycle time and drive compliance. Running behind the scenes, audit trails continuously track and record actions for improved quality control and compliance traceability.


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