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Optimize costs, drive efficiencies and deliver business outcomes with the help of our Application Value Management Services.

Our Application Value Management (AVM) services help address the challenging dual mandate of improving efficiencies and delivering outcomes.

To improve efficiencies, we enable industrialization through a service catalog, hardwiring Continual Service Improvement (CSI) and transformation. To deliver outcomes, we perform extensive analysis of data across the business-IT blueprint and continuously look to reduce “time-to-value” for applications. We deliver this through Cognizant AVMplus™, our proprietary suite of application management frameworks and tools.


AVM service offerings are broadly classified under the following engagement lifecycle stages—Solution, Transition, Execution and Transformation.


To design a holistically sound solution and identify opportunities to transform the way you do business, we take into account your business challenges and provide an achievable roadmap for transformation, the ability to cater to demand variability and reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • Cognizant ServiceTree™ utilizes the Service Catalog as an enabler for industrialization and drives toward outcome-based engagement.
  • Cognizant ASSERT™ enables progressive engagement maturity by providing a transformation road map after assessing the current maturity level.
  • Cognizant PriSize™ enables context-based pricing model selection and accurate tool-based sizing.
  • Cognizant EnhanC™ helps in baselining the application and portfolio maturity to improve the ROI of your applications.


A robust transition approach is vital to ensure minimal disruption of services and to perform effective change management. It’s equally important to manage the cost and schedule of the transition and to retain the core knowledge.

  • Cognizant ADAPT™ focuses on managing transition to ensure business continuity and explore hooks for transformation, enabling resource readiness from the first day of the transition.
  • Cognizant KT Navigator™ accelerates transition, improves productivity and provides granular transparency on all transition related activities.


Based on our vast AVM experience, we ensure end-to-end ownership of all services that we sign up for. Cognizant has a set of frameworks that reduce operational risk, improve time-to-market and drive best-in-class delivery.

  • Cognizant Renovate™ is an outcome based SLA re-engineering framework for continuous SLA recalibration.
  • Cognizant Inner-I™ aids in service and portfolio data analytics utilizing various Cognizant accelerators, thus enabling strategic decision making.
  • Cognizant HybrAID™ aims to optimize costs and enhance business satisfaction through effective cross tower integration.
  • Cognizant ServiceCompass™ enables dedicated focus on service excellence, service integration and transformation through the Service Management Office (SMO) and Transformation Office (TO).


A transformation road map, underpinned by a set of well-defined transformation levers, sets the journey to align IT to business objectives and reduce non-discretionary spend to continuously deliver value.

  • Cognizant TransFrame™ acts as a spring board for Continuous Service Improvement and Transformation by focusing on growth and innovation while driving down costs.
  • Cognizant BondIT™ enables orchestration between multiple service lines to deliver business outcomes, thus maximizing the value extracted from IT.


The Future of IT: A Zero Maintenance Strategy

Cognizant’s Application Value Management practice helps you understand how IT organizations can evolve from being maintenance-centric to value-centric. The Zero Maintenance Strategy indicates the key levers that govern application maintenance cost and how these levers can be harmonized to reduce the cost to a minimum.

Reducing IT Complexity to Accelerate Digital Business

Today, complexity is a fact of life for an organization’s IT division, which has to step up to the heavy demands of digital business. Using a structured, three-phase approach, CIOs can strengthen and streamline their organization's capabilities to deliver on the promise of doing business in the digital age.

Cognizant Business Consulting in Application Maintenance

The business consulting arm of the Application Maintenance practice within Cognizant engages with clients to provide specialized advisory and transformation services, especially to overcome their growing IT complexity challenges and address digital needs. The team partners with clients to discover avenues for IT eco-system simplification, develop strategic roadmaps, identify levers to enhance business value and manage transformation.  

Delivering Value to Business Through AVMplus™ Suite of Frameworks

Cognizant Application Value Management Services brings about a globally industrialized, integrated approach with an insightful analytics capability to help organizations achieve the dual mandate of improving efficiencies and delivering outcomes through effectively managing their application portfolios in support of business goals.

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