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Companies that truly understand the decision-making process, preferences and motivations of their customers have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Artificial intelligence pinpoints areas of opportunity and delivers personal insights that drive innovation. At Cognizant, we’re helping businesses engage and interact more effectively with their customers, with insightful, personalized user interactions that drive loyalty, revenue and growth.

Whether a company is experiencing overall business growth, or seasonal or temporary growth, AI’s predictive and scalable platform allows businesses to respond quickly and smoothly to the needs of their customers and to changes in the market. AI is optimizing and modernizing companies and helping them rethink how they do business. Imagine what AI can do for you.

AI: Ready for Business 

It will take transparency, trust and personalization for businesses to see the full potential of artificial intelligence. Learn how to develop an AI-driven system with the proper contextual awareness.



Competing in an era of globalization and disruptive innovations requires effective strategies for applying AI.

Businesses will benefit from making the most of the AI opportunities positioned between systems of record and systems of engagement—leveraging intelligent automation through a dothink and learn framework.

The progression from “do, think, learn” and ultimately “adapt” will continue to evolve and play an important role in the automated business ecosystem.


Corresponds with software that enables the replication of repetitive human actions, including robotic process automation (RPA). Systems that do are the on-ramp for many just getting started with AI.

Some examples include:

  • Claims processing
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Record or account data reconciliations
  • Data consolidation/validation
Refers to software that can operate more dynamically, making decisions autonomously when variations or exceptions occur.

Some examples include:

  • Service desk incident resolution
  • Complaint management and resolution
  • Network security management
  • Customer service and support
Applies to software that executes highly dynamic, non-rules-based processes, and can make optimal adjustments when variables change, enabling a rich partnership between machines and humans.

Some examples include:

  • Prescriptive pricing engines
  • Virtual assistant agents services
  • Retail engagement systems

Ultimately, this category will evolve to “systems that adapt,” enabling a rich partnership between humans and software bots.



Global companies who are facing competitive pressure to transform their legacy data systems into generators of real-time intelligence are turning to Cognizant for help. 

Our unique and proven holistic AI methodologies help transform our client’s systems into next-generation intelligence platforms. We partner with our customers to help them gain an understanding of their data initiatives and rapidly develop solutions that achieve their business goals.

  • Adaptive Data Foundation


    Cognizant’s Adaptive Data Foundation (ADF) is helping leading enterprises quickly transition their existing data management stacks into a real-time, agile, self-service platform that delivers intelligence across the enterprise at scale.

    A highly-customizable solution for meeting your specific needs, ADF includes cloud-enabled architectures, data-as-a-service, AI/machine learning, unified management and DataOps for engineering, delivering a real-time platform with governance and security.

    • Integrates new data sources and standards quickly
    • Supplies a scalable, high-performance, self-healing and cloud-enable architecture for data integrity and data quality
    • Includes deep data mastering and universal metadata
    • Enables advanced downstream real-time analytics
    • Handles ever-increasing data volumes
    • Furnishes migration or re-engineering of existing data/platforms, depending on customer needs
  • Humanizing AI


    Insight to AI leverages human science qualitative data (thick data) to understand the deeper needs, aspirations and drivers that underlie customer behaviors in your market.

    Cognizant’s Insight to AI framework, developed in partnership with ReD Associates, utilizes a consultative approach to help businesses become more intelligence-driven. Analytics and pattern recognition are applied to answer specific questions about what customers will likely do, the kinds of interactions they seek, the information they require and what they want to purchase.  When insights are applied to quantitative big data, the resulting contextual analytics provide a clear, reliable and actionable view of the future. Cognizant’s Insight to AI provides:

    • Advanced contextual analytics that combine data and human science.
    • World-leading expertise with best-in-class analytics and data sciences experience.
    • Capabilities to bridge the say/do gap, because what we say and what we do can be different. 
    • Actionable information with greater clarity, reliability and more scalable actionability. 
    • Insights to make informed business decisions and to develop clear business strategies and solutions to challenges.
  • Conversational AI


    We’ve come a long way since people first started interacting with computers. Shaking off clumsier early attempts at speech recognition, we’re now focused on perfecting what comes to us most naturally—conversation.
    We call it Conversational AI.

    People today expect 24x7 access to online stores, along with personalized customer support available instantly and on demand. Fortunately, advances in Natural Language Understanding and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning are creating digital opportunities to do just that. 

    Cognizant’s Conversational AI practice helps organizations envision and create transformative voice-based solutions for customer service, digital commerce, contact centers and more. With Conversational AI, you can:

    • Increase sales across digital commerce channels with personalized, 24x7 human-like “bots”.
    • Lower costs of customer service, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Increase employee productivity and satisfaction by automating high frequency and routine service desk interactions.

  • Customer Intelligence


    Customer intelligence (CI) is the collection and analysis of large amounts of data to determine the best, most effective ways to interface and interact with your clients.

    Most people today share an enormous amount of information about themselves, including their activities, demographics, interests and preferences on a variety of devices. And, when all that data is properly and thoroughly analyzed, it yields intelligent, actionable business recommendations about customers and their patterns of use.

    You have lots of different kinds of customers with varied needs, but they all want personalized attention. CI uniquely identifies them and recognizes what drives their decision-making. That deeper understanding predicts and guides customers towards the most useful actions. 

    User expectations and buying behaviors are constantly changing; they expect you to know who they are, what they need and when and how they want it. That’s a tall order but it is within reach with Cognizant’s Customer Intelligence system of engagement. CI continually builds loyalty and return business by:  

    • Engaging preemptively by proactively guiding and optimizing offers across all customer touch points.
    • Increasing retention by offering the most relevant information and seamless experiences.
    • Delighting users by offering dynamic customer context via relevant, personalized and targeted interactions.
    • Demonstrating ROI by targeting most valuable customers.
  • Risk & Fraud Intelligence


    The goal of fraud detection is to identify, analyze and control fraudulent transactions and erroneous payments before they are processed.

    Unfortunately, most of the existing systems underreport fraud and/or generate numerous false positives since they try to detect rapidly evolving fraud patterns with their slowly changing rules engine. This disconnect undermines an organization’s efforts to combat fraud.

    Our fraud intelligence solution preempts risks and fraud in real-time using cognitive services and human sciences. It synthesizes and enriches data with dynamic rules, statistical models, thick data, AI and ML technologies to create a “dynamic transaction context” with real-time alerts. It does this by identifying new patterns that prevent and manage fraud, reduce losses and write offs and enhancing operational efficiency. Cognizant’s Fraud Intelligence solution provides:

    • Faster reactions to suspicious activities 
    • Higher model accuracy and multi-fold reductions in false positives leading to operational cost savings
    • Accurate underwriting leading to cost savings 
    • Automated investigation and closure, enabling proper decision making



Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let's talk about how digital can work for your business.

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