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Today's credit markets are fraught with risk—and opportunity. Manage market possibilities with help from Cognizant.

Tighter credit markets require greater emphasis on IT governance and risk compliance. Leading North American and European banks rely on us for successful risk management solutions across their operations in credit risk, operational risk and market risk.


Credit Risk Management

Our experience in credit risk management and IT governance (Basel-II Advanced IRB approach) covers the entire risk management lifecycle including:

  • Automating and enforcing the integrity of rating methodologies
  • Capturing client and transaction details
  • Streamlining initiation, approval and monitoring workflow
  • Maintaining and monitoring limits centrally in real-time
  • Extracting and storing transaction and external data from multiple sources
  • Messaging and payment (cross-border) solutions
  • Enabling Basel-II computations
  • Generating pre-defined and adhoc reports

Operations Risk Management

From start to finish, rely on one team to manage your entire lifecycle in operations risk management (standardized and AMA approach), including:

  • Designing risk measurement frameworks (e.g., key risk indicators and controls)
  • Data capturing along multiple dimensions (such as event types and lines of business)
  • Data modeling and designing the capital calculation and attribution engine
  • Advanced reporting and scenario-analysis capabilities


Keep Tabs on Evolving Regulations in Banking & Capital Markets

Use Cognizant's regulatory calendar to quickly and succinctly understand requirements, developments and deadlines for the different regulations in banking and capital markets.

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