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Thinking of moving to the cloud? Let us help you migrate, manage and monitor your most critical cloud applications software.

Cognizant’s Cloud Application Services help you move to the cloud seamlessly—whether you're migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Designed to drive flexibility and efficiency, our services include both migration and monitoring solutions running on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms from Cognizant and our partners.

Once cloud-enabled, you can easily scale web applications, set up testing environments, experiment with high-performance computing (HPC) applications and more.


Cloud Migration and Management Services

  • Application Migration to the Cloud: Re-host applications to the cloud, re-engineer applications for the cloud or replace with COTS cloud options.
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services: Options include public cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, client-hosted private cloud or Cognizant cloud infrastructure.
  • COTS Software Deployment to the Cloud: Applications readily moved to the cloud include Microsoft SharePoint‑on‑demand and SAP‑on‑demand.
  • Use of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing and Training: Includes support and testing of large‑scale web applications such as e‑commerce sites.
  • High-Performance Computing: HPC applications that require significant processing power on demand are well suited to cloud migration such as big data applications.

Application Hosting and Monitoring

You always have the option of using the Cognizant cloud infrastructure solution—our hosted and managed cloud infrastructure running in our world‑class data centers. This provides greater choice and flexibility for managing and monitoring mission-critical applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

Cognizant Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Cognizant supports leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, SFDC, Windows Azure, Savvis, VMWare, NetApp, IBM, Google, NetSuite, Oracle Taleo, Workday, SAP, Eloqua, Rackspace and many others. Our partnerships with these leading cloud providers accelerate time-to-value for clients.

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Driving Business Value from the Cloud

By using the cloud for analytics services and other run-the-business capabilities, organizations can move quickly into new markets and free capital for innovation initiatives.

Taking Testing to the Cloud

Cloud-based testing has the potential to offer a compelling combination of lower costs, pay-per-use and elimination of upfront capital expenditures.

The Future of Master Data Management in the Cloud for Life Sciences

Life sciences companies can adopt a flexible, affordable MDM model that provides high quality, up‑to‑date customer data, whenever and wherever it is required at a fraction of the cost of on-premise MDM investments.

How SAP HANA Leverages the Cloud to Glean Business Insights from Unstructured Data

SAP’s in-memory computing and cloud-based delivery model makes a strong business case for investing in more innovative ways of analyzing unstructured data.

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