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Achieve maximum cost savings and business agility. Ensure that your cloud-based resources are working optimally.

Cognizant's Cloud Management Services help organizations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise—from applications and platforms through cloud infrastructure.

We help define, deploy and leverage simplified, automated cloud management systems across multiple platforms and providers. This enables clients to build cloud operations frameworks that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Alternatively, let us manage your environment leveraging our Cognizant Cloud360® platform.


Cloud Management Areas of Focus

We help clients implement a sound steady state management strategy for their cloud ecosystems. We help define governance models that include delivery and operational policies. The key tenets of these, which cover the breadth of Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) activities, include the following:

  • Service Delivery: Includes provisioning, self‑service, service level management (SLA), regulatory compliance, availability auto‑scaling, high availability considerations, cloud bursting, continuity backup, failover, DR and security.
  • Service Operations: Includes monitoring, orchestration and automation, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and optimization and continuous improvement through analytics.

Through our Cloud Management services offerings, we help define an optimal cloud operations framework that enables continuous delivery of development/operations (“dev-ops”) across a heterogeneous combination of private, public or hybrid cloud models.

Cognizant Cloud360®

Cloud360 hides the complexity of today’s assemblage of artifacts such as cloud platforms, hypervisors and operating systems. While the typical “cloud platforms” deliver stovepipe IT and increased business challenges; Cloud360 helps you leverage past IT investments, couple governance with agility and provide users with the services they need when they request them.


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Driving Business Value From the Cloud

By using the cloud for analytics services and other run-the-business capabilities, organizations can move quickly into new markets and free capital for innovation initiatives.

Experience IT On-Demand with Cloud360

Delivered as a service, Cognizant Cloud360 enables enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively deploy, manage and operate modern, dynamic and scalable architectures on the industry-leading cloud platforms.

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