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It’s official. Company X is acquired. Now the real work begins. You need everyday operations to run smoothly, providing customers with consistent value while minimizing risk. But there are multiple visions across operating units that must be consolidated and aligned across operations and supporting functions—finance, IT, sales and HR, to name a few.

Our post-merger integration team provides strategic advice during this process. We offer business and IT target-state definition, implementation planning and change management, including risk identification and roadmaps for implementation.


Post-Merger Integration

  • Holistic methodology for resolving people, technology and organizational issues
  • Clear view of rationalization opportunities
  • Detailed target-state definition, including organization, operations, processes and technology
  • Day 1 planning
  • Risk identification
  • Change management plan
  • Roadmap for implementation


Oil and Gas IT Game Plan

For the oil and gas industry, IT issues arising from mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and separations can be immensely complex. Learn how the oil and gas industry can thrive in a time of industry tumult and overcome the challenges.

Preparing for the Next-Gen Worker: Is Your Organization Ready?

Social and collaborative ways of working are driving organizations to amend hiring, onboarding and employee engagement practices to provide resources for digital natives and leverage next-gen workers for competitive gain.

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