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Quality customer service is paramount to success. Let Cognizant show you how to deliver.

Service providers with streamlined and flexible IT systems are able to give their customers the best experience at the lowest cost. Much of the credit goes to their fast and efficient customer communication systems.

An effective way to enhance your communications is through Cognizant’s business process outsourcing services. We leverage our 3,700 associates worldwide with expertise in customer interaction processes. Whether you outsource or run systems internally, we help you deploy world-class products from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others, saving you time and money.


Customer Interaction Solutions

  • Customer data integration (CDI)
  • Customer self-service applications
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Automated call routing (ACR)
  • Current customer care and opportunity analysis
  • Live sales and customer support
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Communications BPS Services

Through Cognizant's dedicated communications BPS practice, we provide the following outsourced services.

  • Order Management: Order entry and tracking, supplier/partner transaction processing, order validation, order fallout management and data integration.
  • Network Inventory Management: Network inventory reconciliation, capacity monitoring and forecasting.
  • Billing Service: Bill cycle support, bill contract administration, bill inquiry helpdesk, receivable and collection and exception handling.
  • Customer Management: Enrollment, account management, data integration, customer support helpdesk, analytics and reporting.


Business Process Services: Redefining Business Process Outsourcing

Achieving a customer-centered business model requires a new mindset and a new approach to BPS.

How to Deliver Better Results with Holistic BPS

By leveraging the synergies of a single outsourcer, organizations can go beyond enhanced cost efficiency and achieve process innovations that pay continuous dividends.

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