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Network equipment sales are generally flat. To revive growth, consider a move into managed services.

The last five years have been challenging for network equipment providers (NEPs). Because communication service providers (CSPs) spend so much of their budgets on equipment and services, many now see managed services as the way forward to cut costs and move faster into new markets.

Those NEPs that can fill this need will be best equipped to grow market share. To help them do so, Cognizant offers expertise and infrastructure for launching a wide range of managed services—from operations support to OSS/BSS integration.


Managed Services Consulting

Transition of CSS legacy systems to managed services that adapt easily to new product launches and enable rapid provisioning of new services.

  • End-to-end service integration
  • Create new managed services solutions that solve key client problems such as integration of operations support systems and business support systems
  • Launch new products at lower cost that support growing network complexity and interoperability
  • Leverage the cloud, data analytics and mobile solutions to move quickly and at lower cost into new worldwide CSS markets


Network Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges for NEPs

Network equipment providers have learned to supply end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of today’s communications service providers.

Innovative, Cloud-Based Order Management Solutions Lead to Enhanced Profitability

OMaaS, our approach for improving order management, incorporates new methodologies that align business requirements and emerging IT solutions and delivery models.

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