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The cloud—and OMaaS—are Cognizant's newest answers to the communication industry's order management crisis.

To contend with increasing product and service complexity, communications companies rely heavily on their order management systems. Unfortunately, many legacy systems are not up to the task. In response, we have developed a new cloud-based services approach to improving order management: Order Management as a Service (OMaaS).

OMaaS increases the effectiveness of the entire order management process. Major benefits include enhanced retention and cross-selling, real-time order negotiation, faster time to launch and variable pricing.


End-to-End Order Flow Accountability

Order flow accountability ensures improved order flow, in both automated and manual settings.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Incorporates processes and business rules embracing continuous improvement and a relentless effort to remove manual work through automation.

Coordination and Execution

Our OMaaS team always seeks to achieve higher levels of process improvements and automation through close coordination among our stakeholders; to identify optimal adjustments and to execute those adjustments quickly.

Reporting and Analytics

Management decisions can be improved and business processes optimized through incorporation of real-time data.

Strategic Partner Relationships

The OMaaS process includes incentives for Cognizant to co-innovate with our clients as a way to increase productivity, reduce workforce requirements and share end-to-end accountability through business‑oriented service level agreements (SLAs).


Innovative, Cloud-Based Order Management Solutions Lead to Enhanced Profitability

Using Cognizant OMaaS, communications companies can standardize processes, virtualize service delivery and convert capital investments to operational expenses.

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