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Modernize your order management system–and exceed expectations–with on-time delivery and an integrated customer experience.

Order management and fulfillment is not an easy task for communications companies. A competitive market with heightened customer expectations plus constantly changing technology leaves little room for missteps.

Our experts can help you be the first to market with new products—and exceed expectations—with on-time delivery and an integrated customer experience across channels. Whether you outsource order and fulfillment operations, upgrade internal systems or implement a new service-based approach in the cloud, we help you maximize operational agility and profitability.


Order Entry and Application Consolidation

Inefficient legacy systems can increase costs and reduce competitiveness. We will enhance your current order management systems (or advise you on the latest commercial offerings) to help you offer the bundled services that customers expect. Our IT specialists and business consultants will help consolidate data and integrate order‑management applications on an accessible, central hub.

Order Processing and Fulfillment Workflow

Minimize the time it takes to fulfill an order by tapping our team members with years of service automation experience. By re-engineering your service fulfillment solutions, Cognizant will create a flexible, scalable solution that saves money today and provides room for growth tomorrow.

Partner and Supplier Management

Our consultants and planners can help you integrate new partners and suppliers quickly and seamlessly.

Order Management as a Service (OMaaS)

Cognizant's OMaaS incorporates the latest methodologies that align requirements and emerging IT solutions and delivery models. An integrated solution that streamlines and increases the effectiveness of the order management process, OMaaS provides a more integrated customer experience across channels as well as improved order negation and configuration and faster time to launch.


Innovative, Cloud-Based Order Management Solutions Lead to Enhanced Profitability

Using Cognizant OMaaS, communications companies can standardize processes, virtualize service delivery and convert capital investments to operational expenses.

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