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Gain better control and visibility in your production, distribution, sales and trading operations.

We specialize in modernizing and streamlining existing systems and integrating new IT systems. Our goal is to facilitate the upstream, midstream and downstream operations of Oil & Gas companies. We partner with Oil & Gas explorers, producers, refiners, distributors and retailers to aid them in championing the digital evolution.


Intelligent Oil Fields (IOF)

Our Intelligent Oil Field (IOF) capabilities focus on driving operational excellence, enabling data-driven decisions to facilitate collaboration & communication as well as enhancing environmental & personnel safety.

Engineering & Field Development Services

Our customer-focused engineering and field development services enable E&P companies to reduce time and engineering hours to first oil. Our services also improves automation and optimization in the journey from concept appraisal to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) through detailed engineering, fabrication and commissioning of assets.

Petro-Technical Managed IT Services

Our petro-technical managed services help customers drive down costs, drive application rationalization and transformation, as well as integration of existing portfolios. This is to support digitalization and flow efficiency through deep experience in providing end-to-end application support and maintenance services across a range of industry-specific petro-technical applications. 

Digital Refinery Operations

Our Digital, IoT and automation capabilities help downstream refineries and petrochemical operators to achieve seamless information flow and integrated operations for consistent improvement in refinery performance, refinery & worker productivity and also deliver significant bottom-line impact.

Digital Supply Chain Management

Our deep knowledge of the Oil & Gas domain and end-to-end supply chain expertise across policies, processes and technology issues enable us to build tailored solutions to meet today’s complex supply chain operation needs. Our digital solutions help reduce cost to serve, optimize inventory working capital and respond quickly to demand changes.


Digital Retailing & Marketing

Our digital retail & marketing solutions help identify and remove Oil & Gas retail operations bottlenecks and streamline end-to end-solutions. Our larger expertise in retail operations help develop business opportunities through newer products and services, create better customers experiences and most importantly, do it with less. 

Energy Trading/Risk Management

Our energy trading capabilities combined with industry-leading financial trading expertise can help Oil & Gas companies better manage and profit from their assets, while protecting against market volatility.

Pipeline & Terminal Operations 

Our Pipeline & Terminal solutions help pipeline & terminal operators and other midstream companies improve effectiveness of planning and scheduling by efficiently addressing complexities due to addition of new pipelines, line reversals, need for transportation of varied commodities and greater connections to networks of other entities. 

Environmental Health and Safety

Environment Health and Safety (HSE) in the Oil & Gas industry is in sharper focus than ever before. We help Oil & Gas companies define HSE goals to ensure safety of employees, security of assets and protection of environment. Our services help gain end-to-end visibility of HSE initiatives such as sustainability auditing, automation and reporting solutions.


Oil & Gas IT Game Plan

Learn how we help Oil & Gas companies thrive in a time of industry tumult marked by mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Hydrocarbon Accounting Implementation Meets Complex Allocation Needs

We partnered with an Oil & Gas major to implement a hydrocarbon accounting solution to meet the company's complex production allocation needs.

Improving Plant Reliability by Mobilizing Routine Operator Duties

We partnered with a global energy organization to resolve its plant reliability issues by automating its operator routine duties.

Knowledge Management for a Fortune 100 Oil & Gas Major

We partnered with a global Oil & Gas company to implement a cloud-based SharePoint 2010 knowledge management strategy, enabling it to be more responsive to evolving market dynamics.

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