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Engage with patients as they are using your product—and actively support the correct patient behavior.


Cognizant’s HealthActivate™ solution provides personalized, targeted patient engagement services for pre-launch (clinical trials) and post-launch (commercialized branded or unbranded) scenarios that:

  • Encourage and support the right patient behaviors regarding medication, activity and nutrition regimens based on predefined patient segmentation schemas.
  • Assist patients and caregivers in understanding their condition, their medications and managing their appointment schedules.
  • Send reminders and notifications regarding medication dosing and appointments along with ‘virtual’ and live coaching services to personalize interventions.
  • Collect patient-entered and device-supplied data to create a unified longitudinal patient record for later analysis.
  • Use gamification techniques to make adhering to treatment regimens fun and encourage positive behaviors–for example, dosing on time, reading educational materials, keeping appointments.

HealthActivate™ enables clients to seamlessly connect to over 100 medical devices, consumer wearables and third-party services to obtain patient vitals and related measurements to create a single, longitudinal patient record for later analysis and action.


Engage Patients with High Tech, High Touch Tools

Cognizant HealthActivate™ enables your organization to engage patients with powerful, empirically demonstrated features that help you understand patient motivations. Using mobile, web and sensor-based technologies, you can keep patients engaged in managing their medical condition and personalize how your organization interacts with them for effective behavioral change.

Personalized for Each Patient

HealthActivate™ was created with maximum personalization in mind. For example, you can dynamically adjust messaging and engagement mechanisms as circumstances warrant and select the right communications channel for each patient. And because HealthActivate™ accommodates multiple communications channels, existing CRM mechanisms aren’t disrupted. What’s more, you have the flexibility to add new channels such as mobile and web.

Bring Your Own Healthcare Device (BYOHD™)

HealthActivate™ lets physicians, life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients decide which medical devices and sensors they’ll use to collect data from multiple sources. We call this “BYOHD.” These sources may include a wide variety of medical devices—from wireless glucometers, BP monitors and spirometers to wearable fitness trackers and web portals.

Underpinning all of these capabilities are powerful analytics capabilities. Analytics are used to collect and evaluate longitudinal patient data and to select the right engagement mechanisms for each patient.

Drive Clinical Trial Patient Retention

Patient engagement in clinical trials is all about encouraging adherence with trial regimens and reducing or eliminating patient drop-outs. With HealthActivate™, you can provide personalized services that encourage the right trial-related behaviors regarding medication, activity and nutrition regimens. You can also assist the patient and caregiver in understanding their condition and their trial obligations.

HealthActivate™ keeps patients involved by sending reminders and notifications and by using gamification techniques to make trial participation a positive experience.

Leverage Our Modular, Plug and Play Capabilities

HealthActivate™ is highly modular and configurable and includes components that help you understand the patient’s motivations and behaviors and predict when tailored interventions are needed. Leveraging sophisticated analytics both on-premise or in the cloud, you can predict and trigger interventions using both virtual and live coaching methods and deliver personalized education to patients to improve adherence behaviors.



HealthActivate™ Patient Engagement Brochure

Learn more about how Cognizant’s HealthActivate™ is used to help organizations better understand patient motivations, personalize communications and keep patients engaged in managing their medical conditions.

Improving Clinical Trial Patient Retention

Patient engagement is about understanding and influencing patient motivations and behaviors so they adhere to trial protocols. HealthActivate™ does this and more by bringing together three critical concepts for successful patient engagement.

Enabling Healthier Outcomes for All

By digitally transforming how consumers interact with the healthcare system, payers and providers can help individuals better manage and monitor their health, leading to higher levels of engagement, better outcomes and lower costs.

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