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Get new drugs to market faster with help from our Clinical Transformation Services practice.

Drug companies need to conduct clinical trials faster and more cost effectively. We offer a suite of clinical transformation services and remote monitoring tools that help improve clinical monitoring methods, reduce costs and ensure data quality.

Our Clinical Transformation Services leverage the right people in the right roles—and use the latest cloud and mobility solutions to increase productivity. According to benchmark industry data, companies that implement Cognizant’s Clinical Transformation Services suite can reduce trial cycle time by more than 20 percent.


Remote Monitoring

Using our global hubs, experts analyze quality indicators to perform critical risk analysis during the clinical trial. This ensures proactive decision-making and reduces operational risk.

  • Monitors metrics, performance indicators and trends to ensure proactive decision-making and reduced operational risk
  • Monitors quality indicators and alerts teams to proactively address and ensure compliance
  • Leverages improved processes to reduce cycle time for query resolution and database lock
  • Shifts administrative monitoring tasks from field monitors to remote monitors in Cognizant’s global hubs

Risk-Based Target Monitoring

Leverages key indicators and leading metrics to mitigate risks, enhance quality and reduce costs.

  • Addresses regulatory guidance on risk-based monitoring plans
  • Leverages proactive analytics, industry benchmarking, key risk indicators and other leading metrics to highlight risk factors and to mitigate risk
  • Includes adaptive forecasting and planning features such as performance-based site identification, competitive drug search, forecasting feasibility and start-up studies

Cloud Technology Platform

Our Cloud Technology Platform improves real-time data visibility and control for global teams by providing data dashboards and role-based access, enabling real‑time decision‑making both in the office and in the field.

  • Improves real-time data visibility and control for virtual, global teams by providing data dashboards and role-based access
  • Enables teams to monitor key risk indicators for greater data insight and real-time decision-making, both in the office and in the field (with mobile solution)
  • Employs workflows, alerts and automation to deliver actionable resolution of risk issues that arise while monitoring operations
  • Includes an electronic trial master file for integration with document management solutions
  • E-Learning feature provides 24/7 access to online training and compliance tracking


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