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R&D is the lifeblood of your industry. The right IT solutions can help keep your product pipeline filled.

As product pipelines run dry, life sciences companies need new strategies to reinvigorate their R&D operations. Our skilled consultants, global network and deep understanding of the drug and device development make us the partner of choice for discovery informatics services.

Leading life sciences companies depend on us for IT solutions to optimize their pharmaceutical discovery processes, pre-clinical processes and product development strategies.


Reengineering and Consulting

Our set of pre-clinical processes and IT solutions covers the entire discovery and research value chain, including process reengineering and optimization; global delivery process transition; process innovation consulting; IT strategy roadmap development; decision support; and product evaluation.

Lab Automation

  • Laboratory information management systems
  • Electronic lab notebook
  • Clinical trials data management systems
  • Scientific data management system
  • Compound/biological registration systems

Biomarker Research

  • Data repositories and information data warehouses
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Marker mining

Decision Support Systems

  • Visual mining
  • Data analytics
  • Research/pre-clinical data warehouse
  • Informatics-driven drug discovery

Research Tools and Applications

  • Bioinformatics (application development, support and maintenance)
  • Chemoinfomatics (application development, data analysis tools)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

  • Enterprise search
  • Portals and wikis
  • Research and competitive intelligence reports
  • Intellectual property reports


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Drug Discovery: An Innovative Approach to Application Integration using SOA & Ontology

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