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Managing relations with payers can be complicated. Our Managed Markets Solutions can make it easier.

Life sciences manufacturers must ensure that payers are well served. To do so, their products and processes must meet a growing list of requirements, including negotiated price discounts, formulary maintenance, compliance tracking and more.

Leading companies turn to Cognizant's Managed Markets solution for help. Our mix of IT, consulting and BPS services deliver business capabilities that streamline the Managed Markets lifecycle. Tapping a global pool of talent, we apply a broad range of skills to the task—from data warehousing to business intelligence and performance management.


Managed Markets Framework

Our comprehensive framework provides visibility for all Managed Markets stakeholders and leverages our global delivery model with the efficiencies of on-site client management. The framework includes industry‑standard customer and contract management systems. Proven results include:

  • Lower costs and expanding business capabilities
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of contracts and rebate management
  • Greater business unit productivity by eliminating manual processes and redundancies
  • Improved claims adjudication and government compliance

Global Technology Expertise

Utilizing our large pool of technical resources worldwide, we bring you experts well versed on the latest IT platforms and architectures, including the cloud, mobility and data analytics. Areas of focus include:

  • Application expertise in data warehousing, business intelligence and performance management
  • Activity-based analytics to evaluate profitability at the physician level
  • Managed Market roadmaps
  • Product recommendations
  • Drug Regulation Authority initiatives
  • Claims validations systems reengineering
  • Legacy Managed Markets contracting systems
  • Analytics and decision-support systems


Managing Managed Markets

All life sciences companies require effective processes to maintain competitive advantages while managing contract lifecycles and supporting pricing mechanism and regulatory requirements. This solution overview outlines Cognizant’s Managed Markets offering.

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