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In a global economy, managing the flow of resources from the point of origin to the point of consumption is remarkably complex. The logistics required to move manufactured goods such as finished vehicles from factory to dealers can be a big challenge for OEMs and third-party logistics providers (3PLs)—particularly when movement through an extensive, multi-modal transportation network is involved. An inefficient outbound logistics infrastructure inevitably leads to delayed on-time deliveries and high inventory or stock-out costs.

Cognizant’s Outbound Logistics Suite, together with our deep consulting expertise in logistics business processes and IT modeling, helps turn OBL strategy into a competitive advantage. By monitoring your OBL network in real time and paying close attention to key performance indicators (KPIs), we can help your company run better and run differently all around the world.


3PLs Services Management

Cognizant’s knowledge of third-party logistics (3PL) service providers covers the wide range of issues that the logistics industry faces today—from transportation to warehousing to postponement services. With the advancement of new technology, 3PL service providers are expected today to provide real-time visibility into cargo and vehicle movement status. More OEMs are now using Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications with 3PLs and ports to track their goods using unique identifiers. This change is driving the emergence of fourth-party logistics providers or 4PLs, to manage your transportation and freight in a global supply chain.

At Cognizant, we understand these forces of change and provide proven information solutions around them. We work extensively with leading 3PLs from the U.S. and Europe. Our range of expertise includes RFID-enabled inventory tracking along with mobility solutions, transportation strategy consulting and implementation. We also provide application maintenance for Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS). For example, one of the top cold storage chains in the U.S. utilizes Cognizant to manage its TMS and WMS applications.

Services Management for Rail and Road Transporters

Rail and road transporters play a major role in moving finished goods from manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Europe to their destinations. Cognizant’s solutions for rail and road transport service providers focus on both core and non-core processes using the latest information technologies. 

We work with two of the top five U.S.-based less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload and intermodal service providers and two of the top 10 U.S.-based Class 1 railroad companies. The scope of our work includes transportation planning and strategy consulting, CRM, BI and asset management.

Yardelligent – Intelligent Yard Management

Yard management is one of the core areas of focus within outbound logistics for the automotive industry today. It is increasingly seen as not only a lever for operational efficiency but also key to the successful execution of postponement strategy for automotive OEMs.

Yardelligent, Cognizant’s yard and port management solution, is specially designed for automating and optimizing the operations of finished vehicle yards and sea ports. Yardelligent enables yard and port planning, storage, retrieval and maintenance of finished vehicles and visibility of their status in the transportation network. With Yardelligent, yard operators have the desired level of real-time visibility and control of vehicles in the yard, thereby making their automotive distribution chain streamlined and efficient.


Asset Tracking in Connected Fleet Applications

Our Connected Fleet program provides advanced telematics and GIS solutions for fleet managers and vehicle owners worldwide. In our solutions, we use GPS and other asset tracking devices from trusted partners for tracking movement of vehicles, trailers and containers anywhere in the world. Cognizant iGeoLocus is our proprietary cloud based GIS services platform for monitoring, tracking and visualizing these transportation assets.

Cognizant’s Connected Fleet applications and services provide the following benefits:

  • Track, monitor and report movement of assets, vehicles and containers using iGeoLocus and asset tracking GPS devices
  • Enable geo-fencing and geo-tagging of vehicles for passenger transportation (for example, we use these technologies in India to provide safe and efficient transportation to employees riding in shift cabs and buses)
  • Driver scorecards that indicate a driver’s behavior by collecting, analyzing and visualizing accelerometer and GPS data from the vehicle at regular intervals
  • Predictive modeling of the resale value of commercial vehicles using remote monitoring and vehicle diagnostics data

End-to-End Tracking and Monitoring for (Ro‑Ro) Ocean Carriers

The importance of Roll‑on‑Roll off (Ro‑Ro) and Pure Car Carriers (PPCs) in finished vehicle logistics has grown significantly in recent times. Ro-Ro or PCCs facilitate movement of vehicles across international borders. Ro‑Ro is often the most reasonably priced option for vehicle transportation, even though premium automobiles may also be transported using containers on commercial ocean liners.

Cognizant works with leading Ro-Ro ocean carriers of finished vehicles from the U.S. and Europe by helping support their core ocean transport management systems. We also work with world leaders in container and supply vessel operations in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and master data management (MDM). Our range of services span transportation strategy consulting, application development and maintenance and IT infrastructure services.

Specialized Logistics Management Services for Back-Office Processes

In addition to our range of cross-industry business process services, Cognizant provides specialized services to run back-office processes in vehicle logistics. Our service offerings include the management of documentation at ports and processing of the custom clearance of vehicles. We help our clients focus on their core business while our teams manage day-to-day services such as:

  • Timely and accurate completion of custom documents required by countries for import and export of goods
  • Documentation required for region-specific agreements like NAFTA and EU
  • Handling trade and industry specific compliance documentation requirements
  • Monitoring of vehicle deliveries
  • Generating freight and vehicle invoice triggers
  • Managing delivery status updates in yards and ports
  • Providing master data management for calendars
  • Monitoring routes, delivery and stock locations
  • Reporting pre-determined carrier KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Inventory ageing reports
  • Reporting of lead time variance and port dwell times

Predictive Analytics for Logistics and Transportation

Cognizant has invested in building statistical modeling tools for predictive analytics and data visualization solutions that help decision makers in OEM companies as well as logistics service provider organizations. Taking advantage of the large amount of data that is available from logistics applications, we use our analytics solutions and industry expertise to turn insight into actionable planning and execution.

Some of the areas where Cognizant predictive analytics can make a significant difference are:

  • Outbound logistics cost optimization
  • On-time delivery performance management
  • Finished vehicles transportation planning
  • Vehicle telematics analysis
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance

Social Media Sentiment Listening and Analysis

As social media continues to advance, manufacturers stand to benefit from the analysis and understanding that social media behavior can provide about their customers. Insight gained from social media is helping industry leaders make better decisions related to product design, buyer behavior profiling, sales process design, branding, promotions, quality assurance and after-sales service. In addition, social media monitoring can be an effective way to track disruptions in supply chains around the world.

By analyzing structured data from logistics applications in combination with unstructured data from social media, manufacturing and logistics managers can make better decisions and allow for dynamic course correction as needed.

Cognizant offers on-demand services for regular and event-based social media monitoring. We help our clients gather and leverage social media data for competitor intelligence, lead generation, supply chain disruptions, product performance feedback and a better understanding of the customer experience. This type of insight is made available through our social media sentiment listening and analysis tools which are closely tailored to the specific needs of our manufacturing customers.


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