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Accelerate your digital
transformation—while continuing to optimize your legacy business models.

Our Filmed Entertainment Group has extensive experience across the entire video and film value chain. We offer a full set of services—from strategy and execution through optimizing a global delivery model. Drawing on IT and industry backgrounds, we help film studios achieve digital transformation and expand into new markets.

Our clients include most major studios, broadcasters, cable networks and interactive media companies. Areas of focus include production, home entertainment, theatrical distribution and digital distribution.


Digital Media Services

Digital Media Services (DMS) optimize efficiencies in digital content distribution. We also offer our hosted Digital Asset Management Solution (assetSERV) for dynamic content management.

Intellectual Property Management

Solutions that securely manage your portfolio of intellectual property.   

Digital Rights Management

Solutions that prevent unauthorized use of digital media and restrict the ways that content can be copied and downloaded.

Content Protection/Anti-Piracy

We support your AP efforts and deliver results. Our anti-piracy consultants are considered industry leaders by studios with the most mature AP programs.

Social Media Analytics

We provide the ability to track and analyze social media using text analytics, as well as social media analytics as a service.

Artist Payments

With a solid understanding of the processes and requirements of artist payments, we can help you efficiently deliver and support royalties, participations and/or residuals solutions. Our process includes everything from capturing contracts and processing transactions through earnings distribution.

Ultimates Management

We help you manage the revenue forecasting cycle for films across the entertainment lifecycle.

Business Processing Services

Our “inside the industry” expertise, combined with IT and process knowledge, help you reengineer processes to lower costs, speed time to market and position for competitive advantage.


Learn more about Cognizant's approach to digital transformation.

A Brave New World of Connected Media

Broadcasters who manage to adapt to the changes wrought by digital media—monetizing the intersection of content and social media, for example—stand to win.

Digital Asset Management Practice Overview

Embracing the service approach for managing assets enables more collaborative and dynamic ways of working across the value chain, returning benefits in cost, efficiencies and new opportunities.

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