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Aveksa provides network security with robust identity and access management features

Aveksa provides the industry's leading business-driven identity and access management platform. The company offers a robust way for organizations to shift the accountability and responsibility for making access decisions away from information security and out to the line-of-business—meanwhile, enforcing policies and maintaining oversight. Aveksa achieves this by managing the complete lifecycle of user access to information resources through an automated, continuous process for access request, approval, fulfillment, review, certification and remediation​.

Effectively manage identities and access throughout the enterprise


Cognizant leverages Aveksa software to help customers reduce cost in managing network users’ identity and access, as well as help meet compliance regulations for customers in the insurance, banking, healthcare, life sciences and publicly traded companies. By partnering with Aveksa, we can make high value solutions for security, compliance and identity and access management more cost effective.

Cognizant draws upon Aveksa’s thought leadership in identity and access management to enhance the value of our own security and identity management practices. As a leading provider of implementation services for Aveksa, we help our customers automate and manage their user entitlements and identities within all major software and systems across the enterprise.


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