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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Box provides secure cloud content management to enhance productivity and collaboration, drive intelligent business processes and deliver engaging digital experiences.

Cloud content management from Box is the simple and secure way to bring all of your people, information and applications together to revolutionize how you work. 

Box enhances productivity and collaboration, providing internal and external team collaboration, mobile experiences, real-time notes for teams and cloud file shares. This enables companies to retire aging on-premise infrastructure (cost takeout) and move content to the cloud.

Box drives intelligent business processes, including document workflow, retention and disposition, simplified digital asset management and custom process integration. Box can help to replace or streamline formerly paper-based processes such as claims processing, loan origination, onboarding and many others.

Box delivers engaging digital experiences through a robust set of APIs that integrate across a wide spectrum of third party and custom-developed applications. Integrations include services for secure document vaults, content submission/approval, field worker enablement and custom digital applications.

Box provides comprehensive security and industry compliance, including HIPAA, Finra, FedRamp and others. Through Box Zones, Box is available for regions such as the EU, Canada and Asia that have stringent data residency requirements.


Insurance Claims Processing

Cognizant services leveraging Box help insurers streamline the claims process by providing a secure, fast and accurate way to incorporate rich media documentation, such as videos or photos, into the claims process. By integrating Box into the claims process and using Box APIs to integrate with claims solutions like Guidewire, clients are able to see productivity gains on the order of 1 week per claim, making better use of mobile devices and increasing customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Mobility and Project Management

Cognizant and Box deliver a mobile application that facilitates internal-external collaboration and drives document workflow for complex, stakeholder intensive, multinational projects, as can be found in many industries. With Box, project team members have simultaneous access to the latest documentation on the project or case, including project specs, design and engineering drawings, team instructions, photos and videos. The flexible framework leverages a customer’s infrastructure such as AWS, Bluemix or Azure, and can be delivered cross-industry.

Box Integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Box complements Adobe Experience Manager in a number of important and valuable ways. Customers often prefer an enterprise-wide digital content management offering, which Box provides at a lower price point than what is available from Adobe. Box enables customers to deliver workflows from the Box APIs that enable the exchange and storage of documents. The target clients who may see a need to integrate Box to AEM are customers who have made a conscious decision to standardize on Box for cloud content management. In such a scenario, customers naturally view AEM as a target for the consumption of content provided by and stored within the Box service.

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