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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

CENX’s orchestrated service assurance and management software enables innovative providers to deliver advanced services with agility, efficiency and high customer quality of experience

CENX transforms network big data into real-time actionable intelligence. Its solutions accelerate end-to-end operations by harnessing dynamic analytics and web-scale computing to visualize, manage and assure data services across multi-vendor,
multi-domain, SDN and NFV networks. CENX’s vision is to revolutionize the way that service providers operate their evolving networks, for rapid assurance of revenue-generating services at scale. 

CENX’s flagship product, Exanova Service Intelligence, provides Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) capabilities in a unique way by combining the company’s IP networking expertise with its unified service information model powered by dynamic network analytics and real-time contextual visualization. Its big data engine leverages machine learning of complex data, to provide historical and predictive analytics with extreme performance, scalability and elasticity. With Exanova, providers can optimize the management of Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise bandwidth on demand and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services. The company’s software solutions are deployed by the largest, most innovative service providers worldwide.

Making SDN/NFV adoption simpler and faster for digital service providers worldwide by accelerating their network transformations while simultaneously reducing their capex/opex expenses


Cognizant partners with CENX to deliver SDN/NFV solutions that bring modern IT to CSP operations, enabling them to make quick, informed decisions on how to run their networks more efficiently and profitably. The solutions leverage CENX's Exanova Service Intelligence product to map network resources to services, visualize services, automate workflows, measure performance, monitor usage and track analytics across physical and virtual networks. Delivering services to mobile, wireline and data centre service providers, Cognizant’s SDN/NFV reference architecture intuitively uses Exanova to deliver new services faster, aid B/OSS integration and provide a consistent view across the operator’s entire network. 

As our customers embark on the SDN/NFV journey, our combined effort is guaranteed to deliver benefits of service agility, quality and data integrity while reducing performance degradation and order fallouts.

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