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Cirrus Data helps simplify storage migration with minimal work and downtime

Storage Migration involving diverse hosts and storage is complex, requiring highly skilled resources. Cirrus Data Solutions, partnering with Cognizant, eliminates the complexity with a patented, Plug-and-Migrate Data Migration Server (DMS). DMS is deployed at the SAN, but requires NO work at the hosts, fabric and storage. Customers enjoy the benefit of a world-class service for local, remote, physical to physical or virtual migration with minimum amount of work and no downtime until cut over.

During the assessment phase, DMS serves as a SAN Discovery Server, a tool that collects information about the SAN. Without getting into any host, switch or storage, all the required information is collected with 100% accuracy. The time to get the required information to plan for migration is reduced from weeks or days to about an hour. By probing each FC port one at a time, at the storage (or at the hosts), the entire SAN configuration is discovered, including host initiators, zones, targets, LUN details and clusters. The information is then used for planning. During migration, DMS appliances are deployed without changes or downtime until cut-over. Zero change means low risk, minimum time and maximum success rate. Other solutions typically require extensive zone changes plus LUN masking changes that can only be done by FC experts with careful planning, long approval cycles and a back-out plan. DMS typically can be deployed in two or three hours by a data center technician with minimum training without needing to get into hosts, FC switches or storage systems.​

An enterprise-class server appliance

There are several phases in a migration project. From the beginning, the Assessment phase is a challenge: how do you accurately collect all the required information, especially if you have different host platforms, multi-layered fabrics (core-edge) and heterogeneous storage farms? During the Design phase, complex environments can lead to complex considerations. During the Approval phase, just getting all the host, fabric and storage teams together in the same room may be a challenge and they will question every proposed change. During the Migration phase, any requirements of work at the host or fabric and storage will turn into a project management challenge. Downtime is typically required even before migration can start.

Cognizant and Cirrus Data Solutions perfected the process to reduce the complexity, workload and production impact. The DMS eliminates the need for manual assessment at the host, fabric and storage layers. Furthermore, it eliminates changes to the hosts, fabric (zoning) and storage and downtime. DMS also eliminates performance impact during Migration, with no need for Fiber Channel routers for remote migration. Migration is executed by:

  • Using the Cirrus Data Solution’s SAN Discovery Server to obtain information including hosts, clusters, fabrics, paths, LUNs and storage controllers in less than an hour.
  • Using the collected data to size how many DMS Appliances are needed.
  • Fast-tracking the approval. No need for change request cycles for any host, switch or storage.
  • Deploying DMS at the FC SAN without downtime and changes to environment. This takes 2 or 3 hours.
  • Defining and running Migration Jobs.
  • Cutting over to new storage when completed.

The above can be executed by Professional Service resources with just a few hours of training. DMS has been in the market for three years, being used by Tier-1 storage vendors and partners to perform local and remote migration worldwide.

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