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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

GE Digital and Cognizant work together to build industrial IoT solutions that deliver business outcomes at scale.

Since the inception of GE Digital, Cognizant officially formalized our relationship in 2016 to jointly invest and help companies in their journey to industrial digital transformation.

GE’s IoT Platform, Predix, is specifically designed for the unique and complex challenges of managing industrial data. The platform, implemented by Cognizant’s Digital team, helps companies build, manage and monetize industrial IoT use case solutions that optimize assets, operations and their workforce.

Predix delivers the industrial intelligence a company needs to transform their operations and generate new revenues. Combining sophisticated asset modeling, big data processing, analytics and applications, Predix provides the IT foundation for tomorrow’s industrial operations. Key Predix features include: Edge to Cloud Platform, Digital Twin, Analytics and Machine Learning, Security, Developer Productivity and App Catalog.


Digital Transformation with the Internet of Things

The opportunity for the Industrial IoT is expansive. The overall IIoT market opportunity is bigger than many initially envisioned. According to Markets and Markets, the Industrial IoT Market is worth $195.47 Billion by 2022. So, whether it's called Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or Digitization, we are seeing companies move beyond prototypes and use IIoT to completely reimagine their business models.


Unifying and connecting machines, intelligence and people to drive operational and business outcomes that matter

Leading manufacturing companies striving to stay ahead need to improve productivity by better understanding plant performance. Sometimes this requires a digital industrial transformation to achieve the most immediate cost benefits and long term strategic advantages.

But all too often, they face barriers: processes that are not standardized or integrated, challenges in tracing materials and processes end-to-end and lack of collaboration in their global workforces. They have legacy systems with disparate application stacks and IT organizations inexperienced in manufacturing transformation. It’s critical to move forward with a solid strategy, roadmap and sound foundation for their infrastructure.

By choosing a purpose-built Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform like GE Digital's Predix, in connection with Cognizant’s Asset Performance Management and Cognizant OnePlantTM frameworks, pharma manufacturers can accelerate their ability to unify and connect 70-150+ plants, optimize operational performance, innovate quickly and plan for the future.


Improve customer experience and increase profitability with the leading Field Service Management solution

Looking for improvements to your service operation? Are you being asked to cut costs or find ways to monetize your service business? In a fast moving and intensely competitive marketplace such as the industrial manufacturing sector, small incremental improvements can make a huge difference to the bottom line.

Cognizant and GE Digital’s ServiceMax platform offers a next-generation digital field services solution. We help companies build a different, simpler and faster way to use “smart, connected solutions” to service complex systems and equipment in the field. Our solution addresses several areas of concern:

  • Can my field services solution be connected more securely and centered around the concept of a “digital twin”?
  • Does my solution integrate engineering to manufacturing to service?
  • Is my solution proactive with intelligence about the product and key issue(s) that matter (usage variances, learn user preferences); use conditions may vary due to environmental conditions, stress, performance, etc.?
  • Does field service connect to human intelligence and self-heal by predicting problems?


Enable intelligent asset strategies to help optimize your performance

GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) in connection with Cognizant’s Asset Performance Excellence framework makes your operations safer and more reliable while helping to ensure optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost. APM enables intelligent asset strategies that balance three traditionally competing priorities—reducing cost, improving availability and reliability and managing risk—to help optimize your overall asset and operational performance. Companies often ask:

  • How critical is this asset?
  • What is the history of this asset and what is its current health?
  • In what ways could this asset fail, how could I mitigate risk of failure and what would it cost?
  • What would be the consequences of this asset’s failure on my business?
  • What action should be taken now and what should be our overall strategy to optimize business objectives?
GE Digital Partnership for IoT Solutions | Cognizant