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With Cognizant's RetailMate™, you can build the store of the future—today.

For a customer, there is only one true channel—the “my experience-with-you” channel.

Unlike other technology sea changes, where business has been the driving force, the current digital shift has been led by consumers. They continue to lead the charge, moving far beyond experimenting with digital—to living digital.

For retailers, that means contending with fluctuating consumer demands to provide perpetual engagement—seamless, real-time, location-based contextual experiences that can only be served up with deep insight into past customer behavior to predict future purchases.  

Market leaders will fend off upstart and agile competitors by making meaning from explicit and implicit customer data—from the Internet of Things and other sources—to drive compelling experiences now in The Store of the Future.

Cognizant’s RetailMate solution connects shoppers to your brand and enhances their experience across channels by instrumenting the physical store environment and capturing data on in-store engagement. RetailMate works with ERP Platforms (SAP, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics) and Microsoft Azure IoT Technology, and empowers retailers to understand in-store shopping behavior with sensors and smart devices.

Retailers and the brands they carry gain the ability to enhance customer engagement by providing a more personalized experience, while increasing replenishment cycles, and optimizing product placement and shelf stocking patterns.



The RetailMate Dashboard provides retailers with a comprehensive view of customer buying and shopping patterns. RetailMate collects data from shoppers real-time via smart cameras, sensors, beacons and smartphones via bluetooth and WIFI connectivity. The data is sent to the Microsoft Azure cloud for analysis and provides a wealth of advanced analytics that can directly impact customer satisfaction and drive upside revenue potential. 

As real-time shopper data is received, the dashboard displays historical data to enable teams to make better decisions, design more compelling engagements, and promote the right balance of in-store personalization helping them to influence brand loyalty.


  • Drive upside revenue potential with advanced analytics 
  • Improves decision-making and enhances personalization with real time data analytics and dashboard reporting 
  • Enables digitization of the physical retail store environment and opens the door to building the “store of the future
  • Increases dwell-time and improves customer satisfaction 
  • Enhances the overall in-store experience and customer engagement.
  • Optimizes store operations and improve sales 


Cognizant RetailMate™ Video

The future of shopping is all about personalized experiences—at home, online, on mobile, or inside a store. This means adopting the emerging “Internet of Things” and transforming the store into an exciting, informative and entertaining place. With Cognizant's RetailMate™, you can build the store of the future—today.  Learn how.

Cognizant RetailMate™ Solution Overview

Learn how Cognizant RetailMate™ enables personalization and adds predictive insights combined with online and offline merchandising tools to help create the store of the future—today.

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